About Kat

My name is Kat,

Who likes to party?
Freshman JV Lacrosse

Sophomore Hockey Formal

As an 18-year-old, I left my suburban midwestern home and embarked on a journey to a liberal arts school in the middle of rural Vermont. Upon starting my first year in college I was intimidated by my extremely intelligent and competitive peers. All my peers appeared to have every aspect of their futures calculated and figured out, while I was jumping between degree options. However, I used my peers as motivation and spent the past couple of years taking EVERY introductory class that is offered (Economics, Computer Science, Political Science, Film, Sociology, Religion, Creative Writing, Sciences). After surveying all my options, I am now a neuroscience major and a religion minor (I know… I’m a walking contradiction) aspiring to be an active member in society, making a difference. I am on the Women’s Ice Hockey team, and I am extremely passionate about Beauty, Health and Fitness.  



This blog tracks my life throughout my career as a student at college and as a women’s ice hockey player. Let’s see if I’m interesting . . .


Join my Journey! Love, Kat